Concept Martial Arts Academy Grading System

Concept Martial Arts Academy Belfast incorporates a perpetual grading system that focuses on growing and developing students skill sets throughout their progression at the academy.

We aim to grade students on their knowledge and ability of multiple styles, we don't beleive in handing out belts for the sake of it.  We set goals that will allow you to control the direction of change in your favour. 

Will it be easy? NO 

Will it be worth it? Absolutley

We award sashes based on skill set and knowledge

Starting from;

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Brown

  • Black

We genuinely believe that our self defence concept works, if you're searching for a realistic way to defend yourself on the street, should you find yourself in an altercation, then you've come to the correct place.

A Black Sash is not something you wear, it's something you become.

The grading structure at CMAAB follows the same principles and concept of JKD and is therefore subject to change from time to time in order to adapt and evolve.

There are 6 gradings, each with its own coloured sash, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and Black in that order.

There is no exact time limit between each sash and the decision of when gradings will take place, will be decided only by the chief instructor when the students are deemed “ready to progress”

Students who fail any grading will be given the opportunity to correct any failings on the same night as the grading and if successful will then be awarded the “pass”. However If they fail on the second attempt they will then be asked to re-sit the entire test at a later date.

Although each sash in progression will have more advanced and harder technical difficulties, they are still a collective of basic strikes and techniques from various arts. We do not include every strike or movement from all the arts we teach, and rather tend to use a small percentage to give the students a taste of each art and give students a base foundation on which to build upon.

The students progressing through each sash are also encouraged to research and try other arts they choose in order to enhance their own personal arsenal of skills.

As with most martial arts clubs and it will be the case at CMMAB, graded students will be asked from time to time to help teach the techniques of whatever sash level they have attained to lower graded students or beginners.


Brian Fay, Chief Instructor and founder of CMAAB







Been a busy 2 weeks at Concept. Last week we promoted 3 students to Yellow sash. Eimar, Ciaran and Paul.  Ciaran couldn't make the photo so the school teddy stood in for him



Last night a further 3 students were promoted to Orange sash. Ray, Tony and Richard.
Well done guys 


So the last grading of 2018 was held tonight. 
Absolutely fantastic effort put in by  Kamil Kokoszko who successfully passed our green sash silibus.  
Kamil is now our highest rank student. Well done Kamil