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Concept Martial Arts Academy Belfast
Grading Structure

Adult Classes

Grading requirements for adults are laid out in 5 Levels of  Jeet Kune Do

Student will not need to undergo a test for the first 4 levels. And will be awarded a signed certificate for each level achieved as and when by the Chief Instructor when they have reached the requirements to progress further.

There is no belt or sash required.


Students who have achieved all 4 Levels and wish to proceed to (Level 5) will be required to undergo a specific test and meet the requirements as set out by the chief instructor.

Level 5 students will be awarded a black sash and certification of instructorship and will then be eligible to apply to be added to the  national register of official Black Belts at NAKMAS NGB. Successfully being accepted students will then receive a valid A3 certificate and a plastic wallet size card, containing name and officially registered Black Belt identity number.


Childerens Classes


We have a coloured sash grading system in place for children in order for them to progress,

The gradings are held as and when students are ready to grade. There is no specific dates set out, so students can learn at their own pace

The order of the gradings are as follows......

  • Junior Yellow

  • Junior Orange

  • Junior Green

  • Junior Blue

  • Junior Brown

  • Junior Red

  • Junior Black

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